Tridhya Tech IPO GMP, Grey Market Premium & Kostak Rates Today

Check out Tridhya Tech IPO GMP, Tridhya Tech IPO Grey Market Premium, Kostak rates, and Subject to Sauda rates as of today. Stay here for more updates.

The Tridhya Tech IPO has begun on 30 June 2023. It will close on 05 July 2023. The Total IPO Size is 26.41 Crore. The company set its IPO price is 42 Rs Per Share. Basically, There are three basic categories in Tridhya Tech IPO Subscription 1) NII 2) Retail Individual Investors (RIIs) 3) QIB.

Can we Subscribe Tridhya Tech IPO?

Yes, Subscribe for profit.

Check Latest Tridhya Tech IPO GMP, Kostak Rates and Subject to Sauda Price here.

Tridhya Tech IPO GMP Rates day by day.

Date GMP
08 July 12 Rs
06 July 10 Rs
04 July 12 Rs
01 July 10 Rs
30 June 09 Rs
29 June 10 Rs
28 June 5 Rs
27 June 5 Rs
26 June 5 Rs
24 June 4 Rs

About Tridhya Tech

Tridhya Tech is established in 2018.

Tridhya Tech is an engaged in the full-service Software Development which includes all IT services and resources.

They provide turnkey consultancy services to various industries like e-commerce, Real estate, transport and Logistics, Insurance and other sectors..They also provide services related to ecommerce development, Enterprise content Management, Bespoke Web Management, Mobile App, Development, API Development, Product Support & Maintenance, Front End Development and Graphic design.

Tridhya has strong presence in international market i.e., Australia, Canada, Estonia, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mauritius, Netherlands, Qatar, Singapore, Switzerland, UAE, UK, USA. In domestic market our customer is based on Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab, Telangana and Karnataka.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.What is Tridhya Tech IPO GMP Today?

The Tridhya Tech IPO GMP Grey market premium is 12 Rs.

Q.What is Tridhya Tech IPO Kostak Rates Today?

The Tridhya Tech IPO kostak rate is 0 Rs.

Q.What is Tridhya Tech IPO Subject to Sauda Price Today?

The Tridhya Tech IPO Subject to Sauda is 8000 Rs.

Q. IPO Expected Returns??

The Tridhya Tech IPO expected return is 28.57%.

Q.Tridhya Tech IPO Expected Listing Price??

The Tridhya Tech IPO expected listing price is 54 Rs.

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