IPO Grey Market Premium & GMP

IPO Grey market premium and Kostak rate may change every day. The Grey market premium rates are decided in the secondary market in India. The IPO GMP higher rates mean IPO Listing price may be open at a higher price.

Here you can find Upcoming IPO GMP of GoAir IPO GMP, Adani Wilmar IPO GMP , AGS Transact IPO GMP and much more.

IPO Grey Market Premium Live

IPO Name GMP Today Price Expected Gain
AGS Transact 15 Rs 166-175 Rs 10%
Adani Wilmar 100 Rs 218-230 Rs 30%

IPO GMP FAQ Question

  • What is GMP (Grey Market Premium)?

The GMP/Grey market is a premium paid for grey market IPO shares before they are listed on the stock exchange.

Example:- If We see the example of Devyani International IPO. The price is fixed at 90 Rs Per share and the IPO Grey Market Premium(GMP) is 50, the company will be listed at 140.90 so that investors receive up to 55 percent of the profit on the day of IPO Listing day.

  • Is Grey market Premium (GMP) changed every day?

Yes, the Grey market premium is changed every day based on the demand of the shares in the stock market.

  • What is limit of IPO Grey market premium (GMP)?

There is no limit of IPO Grey market premium, It is based on the demand of the shares. if the stocks have good demand before listing then they might open on higher profit. The IPO stocks have weak demand on the market then they might open at a negative price.


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    1. Do you ensure subscription?

  2. Please add Price Band column to this page. It’ll be easier to compare price band with GMP.

      1. Thank you for quick implementation

  3. Digvijay Suresh Nikam

    Why all ipl gmp going down

    1. The GMP (Grey market premium) depends on the stock market. if the stock market is negative then GMP going down.

  4. Can I subscribe IPO after 3.00 p.m. by internet banking ?

    1. No Sir. you can not do after 3:00 PM by using Internet banking but some of brokerage company allow till 5:00 PM Via there own application.

    2. What is your opinion about CMS systems ipo ?
      Are you like to subscribe ?

      1. No Sir, I’m not applying.

  5. Chances of allotment are better if we apply for more then 1 lot in IPO ? If IPO is oversubscribed

    1. If you have more than one demat account then apply a single lot in all accounts When IPO is oversubscribed.

  6. How to get more allotment chance in IPO, what statage can I proceed?


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