Upcoming NCD Issue 2024

NCD Means :- In order to raise finance from the capital market, a corporation will issue non-convertible debt obligations, or NCDs as Non-Convertible Debenture. The large bulk of NBFCs are developing NCDs and listing them on NSE and BSE.

Upcoming & Running NCD 2024

Company Start Date End Date Issue Size
Navi Finserv Limited 26-Feb-2024 07-Mar-2023 300 Crore
Chemmanur Credits and Investments 20-Feb-2024 04-Mar-2023 50 Crore
Muthoot Finance Limited 08-Feb-2023 03-Mar-2023 3,000 Crore
Incred Financial Services 09-Jan-2023 27-Jan-2023 350 Crore
IIFL Finance 06-Jan-2023 18-Jan-2023 5000 Crore
Indiabulls Commercial Credit 05-Jan-2023 27-Jan-2023 1000 Crore
Kosamattam Finance 14-Dec-2022 13-Jan-2023 200 Crore
Chemmanur Credits and Investments 14-Dec-2022 06-Jan-2023 50 Crore
KLM Axiva Finvest 15-Sep-2022 12-Oct-2022 100 Crore
Indiabulls Housing Finance 5-Sep-2022 22-Sep-2022 1000 Crore
Ugro Capital Limited 5-Sep-2022 22-Sep-2022 50 Crore
Muthoot Fincorp Limited 5-Aug-2022 1-Sep-2022 250 Crore
Kosamattam Finance 13-Jul-2022 04-Aug-2022 175 Crore
Edelweiss Broking 05-Jul-2022 12-Ju1-2022 150 Crore
Indel Money 27-May-2022 22-Jun-2022 50 Crore
Muthoottu Finance 25-May-2022 17-Jun-2022 300 Crore(75 Crore Base + 225 Self)
Navi Finserv 23-May-2022 10-June-2022 300 Crore
Muthoottu Mini 20-Apr-2022 17-May-2022 125 Crore
Dhani Loans and Services 19-Apr-2022 10-May-2022 100 Crore
Sakthi Finance 11-Apr-2022 04-May-2022 100 Crore
Ugro Capital 07-Apr-2022 06-May-2022 100 Crore
Muthoot Finance 07-Apr-2022 29-Apr-2022 500 Crore
Edelweiss Housing Finance 06-Apr-2022 26-Apr-2022 300 Crore
Indiabulls Housing Finance 30-Mar-2022 22-Apr-2022 1000 Crore
Kosamattam Finance 14-Mar-2022 08-Apr-2022 200 Crore
KLM Axiva Finvest 15-Feb-2022 11-Mar-2022 100 Crore
InCred Financial Services Limited 24-Jan-2022 14-Feb-2022 125 Crore
Muthoot Fincorp Limited 05-Jan-2022 28-Jan-2022 200 Crore
Dhani Loans and Services Limited 04-Jan-2022 27-Jan-2022 150 Crore


What is a NCDs(Non-convertible debentures)?

Non-Convertible Debenture is a financial instrument used by corporations to raise funds or resources through a public offering or private placement. It is not possible to convert this debt instrument into equity. It is a fixed-income vehicle that may be exchanged on stock exchanges, similar to bank fixed deposits.