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Precision Metaliks IPO Date, GMP, Review, Price, Form & Market Lot Details

Precision Metaliks is established on 2012 by Abhishek Business Pvt Ltd and Jayanthi Roja Ramani are the company promoters. Precision Metaliks IPO: Precision Metaliks is engaged in trading and manufacturing Aluminium Alloy Wheels and finishing Alloy wheels i.e. cleaning, washing, buffing, polishing, testing, and packing. Its manufacturing unit is situated at Visakhapatnam SEZ, Duvada, Visakhapatnam, […]

Alkosign Limited IPO Date, GMP, Review, Price, Form & Market Lot Details

Alkosign Limited is established on 2020 by Samir Narendra Shah and Akshay Narendra Shah are the company promoters. Alkosign Limited IPO: Alkosign Limited is engaged in manufacturing of visual presentation systems namely writing boards/display boards/notice boards of different types along with its associated accessories and stands used for these boards, school benches, desks and their […]

Dj Mediaprint FPO Date, GMP, Review, Price, Form & Market Lot Details

Dj Mediaprint is established on 2009 by Mr. Dinesh Muddu Kotian and Mr. Santhosh Muddu Kotian are the company promoters. Dj Mediaprint FPO:DJ Mediaprint & Logistics Ltd. is a provider of Integrated Printing, Logistics and Courier solutions in India with a well networked transport operations, pre-eminent quality standards and processes & operations. Our Company provides […]

Fabino Life Sciences IPO Date, GMP, Review, Price, Form & Market Lot Details

Fabino Life Sciences is established on 2011 by Atul Kumar Jain are the company promoters. Fabino Life Sciences IPO:Fabino Life sciences Ltd is engaged in manufacturing, marketing, trading and Packing of pharmaceutical and other wellness focused consumer products, core business is marketing of Pharmaceutical formulation & products in Domestic market through own distribution network and […]

Timescan Logistics IPO Date, GMP, Review, Price, Form & Market Lot Details

Timescan Logistics is established on 2006 by Mr. Moulana Taufeek Islam and Mrs. Ayisha Beevi are the company promoters. Timescan Logistics IPO: Timescan Logistics (India) Limited, is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company for Quality Management Services for providing services namely International Freight Forwarding, Customs Broker, Third Party Logistics (3PL), Warehousing and Transportation services. They have […]

Ascensive Educare IPO Date, GMP, Review, Price, Form & Market Lot Details

Ascensive Educare is established on 2012 by Mr. Abhijit Chatterjee and Mrs. Sayani Chatterjee are the company promoters. Ascensive Educare IPO:Ascensive Educare is engaged in the business of training and skill development offering vocational training, and educational consulting in collaboration with Central Government, State Governments and various Industries and Industry Associations. They has been core […]

AB Cotspin IPO Date, GMP, Review, Price, Form & Market Lot Details

AB Cotspin is established on 1997 by Deepak Garg and Pooja Garg are the company promoters. AB Cotspin IPO: AB Cotspin primarily engaged in the manufacturing cotton yarn, knitted fabric, cottonseed oil and oilcake. The Company commenced its business in 1997 with a cotton ginning plant with cotton bales and cotton seeds being our initial […]

Vivo Collaboration IPO Date, Review, Price, Form & Market Lot Details

Vivo Collaboration is established on 2012 by UC IT Managed Services Private Limited are the company promoters. Vivo Collaboration IPO: Vivo Collaboration provides a comprehensive set of telephonic services for businesses, including voice-based solutions. End-to-end Cloud Telephony solutions are provided by the company. The company assists businesses in moving away from traditional PSTN-based communication and […]

Brandbucket Media IPO Date, Review, Price, Form & Market Lot Details

Brandbucket Media is established on 2013 by Nishigandha S. Keluskar and Createroi Financial Consultancy Pvt Ltd are the company promoters. Brandbucket Media IPO: Brandbucket Media provides media solutions both offline like outdoor as well as digital media communication through Websites, Social Media Platforms, & Search Engines. They also provide technology enabling social media strategies and […]

Clara Industries IPO Date, Review, Price, Form & Market Lot Details

Clara Industries is established on 2021 by Ms. Parry Kukreja and Mr. Nikhil Kukreja are the company promoters. Clara Industries IPO: Clara Industries Limited is a company that specialises in flexible plastic packaging. In India, the firm is well-known for producing and supplying high-end multilayer plastic bags and multilayer plastic rolls. Clara Industries provides products […]