IPO Subscription Status – Live from BSE and NSE 2021

There are four different categories of IPO Subscription. QIB, NII, Retail and Employee categories. The final IPO Subscription count of all categories is mention in the Total Column. Generally, The IPO Subscription Period is three working days and SME IPO Subscription Period is four-six working days. Users can apply IPO in the trading time ( Between 10 AM to 4 PM ).

NSE and BSE show IPO Subscription Status Live on their Platform with the Bid data received by them.We provide live IPO subscription status of running IPO.

The latest IPO subscription status 2021 provided below is the sum of BSE IPO subscription status and IPO Subscription status NSE.

IPO Subscription Status Live

IPO Name QIB(x) NII(x) Retail(x) Total(x)
Paras Defence 169.65 927.70 112.76 304.23
Sansera Engineering 26.47 11.37 3.15 11.47
Ami Organics 86.64 154.81 60.40 88.13
Vijaya Diagnostic 13.07 1.32 1.33 4.66
Champlast Sanmar 2.70 1.03 2.29 2.17
Aptus Value Housing 32.41 33.91 1.35 17.20
CarTrade 35.45 41.00 2.75 20.29
Nuvoco Vistas 4.23 0.66 0.73 1.71
Krsnaa Diagnostics 49.83 116.30 42.03 64.40
Devyani International 95.27 213.06 38.98 116.61
Exxaro Tiles 17.67 5.36 39.44 22.37
Windlas Biotech 24.40 15.73 23.91 22.29

SME IPO Subscription Status Live

IPO Name QIB NII Retail Total
Quadpro ITES 0.00x 8.71x 23.53x 16.12x
SBL Infratech Limited 0.00x 0.76x 2.37x 1.56x
Markolines Traffic Controls 0.00x 2.78x 1.57x 2.18x
Prevest Denpro 5.78x 78.98x 32.87x 38.12x
Platinumone Business 0.00x 3.34x 2.65x 2.99x
Bew Engineering 0.00x 2.84x 24.79x 21.65x
Naapbooks 4.00x 0.60x 2.52x 1.58x
DU Digital Technologies 0.00x 6.71x 39.28x 22.99x
Aashka Hospitals 0.00x 2.02x 0.75x 1.30x
NPST 1.10x 10.40x 50.68x 22.37x
Rex Pipes and Cable 0.00x 6.84x 41.13x 23.99x
Gretex Corporate 0.00x 2.37x 12.17x 7.27x

IPO Subscription FAQ Question

  • What is IPO Subscription?

The IPO subscription is showing the number of shares that have been applied in the IPO. The NSE and BSE will update IPO subscription numbers on their website throughout the valid period.

  • What is QIB Categories?

QIB Means Qualified Institutional Bidder. Mutual funds, state financial institutions, foreign portfolio investors, commercial banks, and other financial organizations are applied in these categories.

This category will receive 50% of the offered size. Investors in this group are unable to bid at the cut-off price. Bids cannot be withdrawn once the IPO closes.

  • What is NII Categories?

NII Means Non-Institutional Investor. Resident Indian individuals, non-resident Indians (NRIs), Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs), corporate bodies, companies, trusts, science institutions, and societies are applied in these categories. The Minimum investment limit is 2 Lakh in this category.

  • What is RII Categories?

RII Means Retail Individual Investor. Resident Indian individuals, non-resident Indians (NRIs), and Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs) are applied in these categories. The maximum investment limit is 2 Lakh in this category.

  • How to check live subscription status for IPOs on NSE and BSE??

User can check the Live subscription numbers on the BSE or NSE Website on the valid period of the IPO.