Viaz Tyres IPO Subscription Status [ Final ]

The Viaz Tyres IPO Subscription Status has starts on 16 Feb 2023 and close on 21 Feb 2023. The Total IPO Size is 20 Crore. The company set its IPO price is 62 Rs Per Share. Basically, There are two basic categories in Viaz Tyres IPO Subscription 1) Non-Institutional Investors 2) Retail Individual Investors (RIIs)

Viaz Tyres is engaged in the manufacturing of rubber tubes for bicycles, two and three wheeleres, passanger vehicles and heavy load industrial vehicles.They also deal in ancillary products like Off The Road (OTR) Tyre tubes and Animal Driven Vehicle (ADV) Tubes, Engine Oil and Grease on white labeling bases.

They sell products in domestic as well as international markets. They Have brands Like ” Viaz “. They have recently started selling bicycle tyres which they get manufactured on job work basis, depending upon the market demands.

They have total 15 domestic distributors for rubber tubes across India and 7 international distributors.

Viaz Tyres IPO Subscription Status ( Last updated on 21 Feb 2023 | 05:00 PM )

Day 1 (times) Day 2 (times) Day 3 (times) Day 4 (times)
NII 0.10 0.32 1.63 5.32
Retail 0.60 1.24 2.30 6.21
Total 0.35 0.78 1.96 5.77

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