Shera Energy IPO Subscription Status [ Final ]

Shera Energy IPO subscription status started on Tuesday 7-February-2023 and will close on 09-February-2023. Shera Energy raise around ₹35.20 crores via IPO. The QIB is 48.42%,NII is 15.84% and retail quota is 35.74%.The price band is fixed at ₹55 to ₹57 per equity share.

Shera Energy primarily engaged in the business of manufacturing of winding wires and strips made of non-ferrous metals primarily Copper and Aluminium.

The company also manufactures wire rods, wires and tubes of Copper and Brass. These wires, tubes and rods are manufactured in various shapes and sizes as per the requirement of the customers and / or demand in the market. Our product range includes paper covered wires, enamel and fibre covered wires, round wires, rectangular wires, bunched wires, tubes, rods, strips, etc.

Shera Energy IPO Subscription Status ( Last updated on 09 Feb 2023 | 05:00:00 PM )

Day 1 (times) Day 2 (times) Day 3 (times)
QIB 0.00 0.01 8.73
NII 1.68 13.25 190.12
Retail 3.34 13.95 51.20
Employees 0.53 1.17 1.46
Total 1.37 6.48 47.33

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