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IPO Grey Market Premium & Live IPO GMP

IPO GMP ( IPO Grey Market Premium ) means The estimated IPO Price analysis or price that grey market participants are prepared to pay for an IPO’s shares prior to listing.IPO Grey market premium / IPO GMP and Kostak rate may change every day.

The GMP rates are decided in the secondary market in India. Basically, IPO GMP fluctuated based on market situation and IPO Subscription Status.

The IPO Demand is higher means IPO listing price may be open at a higher price.

Here you can find IPO GMP Live Today of Aasaan Loans, Shivalic Power Control, United Cotfab, GPES Solar, Stanley, DEE Development Engineers, EnNutrica, Sylvan Plyboard IPOs.

IPO Grey Market Premium Live ( Updated as on 24-June-2024 )

IPO Name GMP (₹) Price (₹) Expected Gain
Vraj Iron

26-28 June

₹ 40
₹ 207
Allied Blenders

25-27 June

₹ 74
₹ 281
Aasaan Loans

19-21 June

₹ 30
₹ 120

21-25 June

₹ 172
₹ 369
DEE Development Engineers

19-21 June

₹ 91
₹ 203

SME IPO Grey Market Premium Live ( Updated as on 24-June-2024 )

IPO Name GMP (₹) Price (₹) Expected Gain
Visaman Global Sales

20-24 June

₹ 14
₹ 43
Mason Infratech

24-26 June

₹ 0
₹ 64
Sylvan Plyboard

20-24 June

₹ 28
₹ 55
Shivalic Power Control

24-26 June

₹ 155
₹ 100
Winny Immigration

20-24 June

₹ 75
₹ 140
Durlax Top Surface

19-21 June

₹ 60
₹ 68
Falcon Technoprojects

20-24 June

₹ 0
₹ 90
Medicamen Organics

21-25 June

₹ 50
₹ 34

20-24 June

₹ 68
₹ 54
GPES Solar

14-19 June

₹ 181
₹ 94
United Cotfab

13-19 June

₹ 13
₹ 70
GEM Enviro

19-21 June

₹ 72
₹ 75

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.What is IPO GMP (IPO Grey Market Premium)?

The IPO GMP / IPO Grey market is a premium paid for grey market IPO shares before they are listed on the stock exchange.

Example:- If We see the example of Devyani International IPO. The price is fixed at 90 Rs Per share and the IPO Grey Market Premium( IPO GMP) is 50, the company will be listed at 140.90 so that investors receive up to 55 percent of the profit on the day of IPO Listing day.

Q.Is Grey Market Premium (GMP) changed every day?

Yes, the Grey market premium is changed every day based on the demand for the shares in the stock market.

Q.What is the limit of IPO Grey market premium ( IPO GMP)?

There is no limit to IPO Grey market premium, It is based on the demand of the shares. if the stocks have good demand before listing then they might open on higher profit. The IPO stocks have weak demand on the market then they might open at a negative price.

Q.What is Subject to Sauda?

Before the IPO Shares are placed on the public market, an investor can sell an IPO Application to a buyer for a pre-agreed price (Kostak Rate).

The buyer and seller agree that a “Subject to Sauda” contract is only legitimate if the seller receives an allotment when purchasing an IPO application on the black market. The deal becomes null and void if the seller doesn’t receive any shares throughout the IPO procedure.

For instance, business ABC is launching an initial public offering (IPO) at a price of Rs 1000 per share. In 15 days, the IPO Shares are expected to be listed. A seller may sell his 2 lakh rupee retail IPO allocation for 5000 rupees via “Subject to Sauda.”

Q.What is Kostak Rate?

The cost of the IPO application before the IPO listing is known as the Kostak rate. One can fix their profit by purchasing and selling their entire IPO application at Kostak prices outside of the market. The Kostak charges apply in every situation you acquire the allocation.

Q.How to calculate gmp of ipo ?

The IPO Percentage can be calculated by dividing the Profit value by the total value (IPO Price) and then multiplying the result by 100. The formula used to calculate the percentage is ( Profit Price / IPO Value)×100%. Example: Harsha engineer Share Listed at 530. The IPO Price is 330 Per share, so The Profit of Per Share is 200. The Percentage = 60.60% Profit.