IPO GMP & IPO Grey Market Premium

IPO Grey market premium/IPO GMP and Kostak rate may change every day. The Grey market premium rates are decided in the secondary market in India. Generally, IPO GMP are fluctuated based on market situation and IPO Subscription Status.

The IPO Demand is higher mean IPO Listing price may be open at a higher price.

Here you can find IPO GMP of Net Avenue Technologies IPO GMP, Sheetal Universal IPO GMP, Accent Microcell IPO GMP,AMIC Forging IPO GMP,Deepak Chemtex IPO GMP.

Latest IPO Grey Market Premium ( Updated as on 10-Dec-2023 )

IPO Name GMP (₹) Price (₹) Expected Gain
Inox India

14-18 Dec

₹ –
₹ –

13-15 Dec

₹ 450
₹ 790
India Shelter Finance

13-15 Dec

₹ 190
₹ 493
Suraj Estate Developers

18-20 Dec

₹ –
₹ –

Latest SME IPO Grey Market Premium ( Updated as on 10-Dec-2023 )

IPO Name GMP (₹) Price (₹) Expected Gain
Siyaram Recycling

14-18 Dec

₹ 28
₹ 46
S J Logistics

12-14 Dec

₹ 100
₹ 125
Accent Microcell

08-12 Dec

₹ 195
₹ 140
Sheetal Universal

04-06 Dec

₹ 09
₹ 70
Presstonic Engineering

11-13 Dec

₹ 28
₹ 72

30 Nov-05 Dec

₹ –
₹ 111

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.What is IPO GMP (Grey Market Premium)?

The IPO GMP / IPO Grey market is a premium paid for grey market IPO shares before they are listed on the stock exchange.

Example:- If We see the example of Devyani International IPO. The price is fixed at 90 Rs Per share and the IPO Grey Market Premium( IPO GMP) is 50, the company will be listed at 140.90 so that investors receive up to 55 percent of the profit on the day of IPO Listing day.

Q.Is Grey market Premium (GMP) changed every day?

Yes, the Grey market premium is changed every day based on the demand of the shares in the stock market.

Q.What is limit of IPO Grey market premium ( IPO GMP)?

There is no limit of IPO Grey market premium, It is based on the demand of the shares. if the stocks have good demand before listing then they might open on higher profit. The IPO stocks have weak demand on the market then they might open at a negative price.

Q.What is Subject to Sauda?

Before the IPO Shares are placed on the public market, an investor can sell an IPO Application to a buyer for a pre-agreed price (Kostak Rate).

The buyer and seller agree that a “Subject to Sauda” contract is only legitimate if the seller receives an allotment when purchasing an IPO application on the black market. Deal becomes null and void if seller doesn’t receive any shares throughout IPO procedure.

For instance, business ABC is launching an initial public offering (IPO) at a price of Rs 1000 per share. In 15 days, the IPO Shares are expected to list. A seller may sell his 2 lakh rupee retail IPO allocation for 5000 rupees via “Subject to Sauda.”

Q.What is Kostak Rate?

The cost of the IPO application before the IPO listing is known as the Kostak rate. One can fix their profit by purchasing and selling their entire IPO application at Kostak prices outside of the market. The Kostak charges apply in every situation you acquire the allocation.

Q.How to calculate gmp of ipo ?

The IPO Percentage can be calculated by dividing the Profit value by the total value (IPO Price), and then multiplying the result by 100. The formula used to calculate the percentage is: ( Profit Price / IPO Value)×100%. Example: Harsha engineer Share Listed at 530. The IPO Price is 330 Per share, so The Profit of Per Share is 200. The Percentage = 60.60% Profit.


As the grey market is outside the ambit of legal authorities, it is safe to stay away from it. However, the rates quoted in the grey market can be an effective indicator of the performance of an IPO. The GMP (Grey Market Premium) or the Kostak rate should be taken into consideration only to get an idea of a scrip’s future performance.

Things to know about IPO GMP & Grey Market:

1. The IPO grey market can change quickly, and rates can be volatile. It is dangerous to base an investment decision solely on grey market IPO rates. For more information, please see our research and analysis section

2. According to research, retail investors are heavily influenced by market sentiment and, as a result, are prone to overreaction, particularly when it comes to IPO investing

3. IPO GMP rates are derived from market intelligence. Please keep in mind that these upcoming IPO GMP rates may differ for you depending on geography, market, and dates


Due to market conditions (bull/bear) or demand for the company’s shares, the listing price of an IPO may differ from the estimated listing price suggested by the grey market. Despite the fact that the grey market is consistently one of the key determinants of IPO listing gain, we strongly advise investors to only use the rates as information and not to make trading decisions based on them.


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    1. The GMP (Grey market premium) depends on the stock market. if the stock market is negative then GMP going down.

  4. Can I subscribe IPO after 3.00 p.m. by internet banking ?

    1. No Sir. you can not do after 3:00 PM by using Internet banking but some of brokerage company allow till 5:00 PM Via there own application.

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  5. Chances of allotment are better if we apply for more then 1 lot in IPO ? If IPO is oversubscribed

    1. If you have more than one demat account then apply a single lot in all accounts When IPO is oversubscribed.

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    We are also interested in buying pre iPo and unlisted shares, please can you help with a broker.


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