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9.25% Indiabulls Housing NCD December 2021 Date, Rating & Interest Rates

Indiabulls Housing NCD Limited:The Indiabulls Group is a diversified financial services group with interests in housing finance, consumer finance and personal wealth. The Group also has a presence in Real Estate, Pharmaceuticals, Lighting and Infrastructure & Construction Equipment Leasing. The group has a net worth of more than ₹ 28,580 Cr. (as on 31st March, […]

10.50% Ugro Capital NCD October 2021 Date, Rating & Interest Rates

Ugro Capital NCD Limited: U GRO Capital limited is a BSE listed, technology focused, small business lending platform. The company is focused on addressing capital needs of small businesses operating in select eight sectors by providing customized loan solutions. The company strives to build a strong SME financing platform based on sectoral understanding supplemented by […]

8.75% IIFL Finance NCD September 2021

IIFL Finance NCD :IIFL Finance Limited is a non-deposit taking NBFC located in Mumbai. It provides house loans, gold loans, business loans, microfinance, construction and real estate finance, and capital market finance. IIFL Finance serves both retail and business customers. The primary goal of IIFL Finance is to continuously build high-quality, diverse retail assets with […]

12.00% Indel Money NCD September 2021 Date, Rating & Interest Rates

Indel Money NCD : Indel Money Limited is a non-deposit-taking non-banking financing business that was registered with the RBI in 2002. The corporation provides gold loans, property loans, business loans, and personal loans to high-net-worth people, business institutions, retail investors, and the general public. They also serve the financial, automotive, hospitality, infrastructure development, media, communication, […]

Indiabulls Housing Finance NCD September 2021

Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited founded in 2000 by Sameer gehlaut.In terms of assets under management, Indiabulls is one of the largest home financing businesses in India (AUM). The organization offers a diverse financial portfolio, offering services such as home financing and property loans to salaried and self-employed individuals, as well as micro, small, and medium-sized […]

Kosamattam Finance NCD August 2021

Kosamattam Finance Limited, founded in 1987, For more than 150 years, the Kosamattam brand has been renowned for its devotion to strong principles, and the company has always believed in giving money to the public it serves. Kosamattam Group is developing companies based on principles and strong ethics that will accomplish development via excellence and […]

IIFL Home Finance NCD July 2021

IIFL Home Finance Ltd, founded in 2009, is a subsidiary of IIFL Finance, a prominent financial services company specialising in loans and mortgages. Read :- Piramal Capital NCD July 2021 Issue Details Home loans, gold loans, business loans, including loans against property and financing for medium and small businesses, microfinance, developer and construction finance, and […]