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Zerodha Brokerage Calculator 2023

The “Zerodha brokerage calculator” is a free tool for figuring out your taxes, including stamp duty and brokerage. Other rivals frequently forget to pay stamp duty. This tool makes it simple to determine upfront Net Profit or Loss Per Trade, Breakeven Point (Per Share), and Total Brokerage Charges & Taxes. Our objective is to compute equity delivery, intraday, futures, options, and currency derivative brokerage fees accurately.

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Brokerage is one of the fees you pay, but there are five other fees or charges that have an impact on your breakeven point. Your turnover, segment, state, and other variables will all play a role in this. Because you need a thorough solution to determine your actual costs, Top Share Broker is offering you a brokerage calculator for Zerodha that is 100 percent accurate. You can completely accurately match your Contract Note. You can speak with your broker if there are any unstated fees in your contract note. Both traditional and flexible brokerage plans will be compatible with this product. The calculation has been updated for 2023.

Zerodha Delivery trading calculator

The Zerodha delivery calculator offers you a function to determine your precise break-even threshold when calculating your delivery brokerage and other costs.

Zerodha Intraday trading calculator

Knowing your breakeven point is crucial when trading intraday. If you know your breakeven point in advance, it will be simple for you to close your trade. For intraday trading, you must close your position on the same day. When trading intraday, adding a stop loss order is a good idea. You may determine the precise number at which you can square off your position in profit with the Zerodha Intraday Trading Calculator. Due to the large turnover in intraday trading, STT fees are the highest.

Zerodha Futures trading calculator

You can take a long or short position when trading futures (either equity or index), but in both situations, you must be aware of your breakeven point and the ideal time to exit. You can find the same with the Zerodha Futures Trading Calculator.

Zerodha Options trading calculator

STT and Exchange Transaction Charges are the two largest fees in options trading. The Zerodha Options trading calculator has a detailed fee list with a breakdown of each charge to help you trade options without confusion.